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Originally Posted by Calgunner739 View Post
(1.)In regards to doctors, EMTs, firefighters, cops; Don't compare any of those careers to a soldier on the frontline. There really isn't any merit in any comparison. It is a position that is quite unique in almost every aspect.

(2.)Yes, people can be tough at times. In extreme scenarios. But these are specific cases you are citing.
(3.)I am talking about a war front. Not something that lasts a few minutes or hours, but is ongoing for days, weeks. Day in and day out. That is the standard. Most women cannot hack that standard.
(4.)There are those that can, but they are the minority of a small group of women willing to be in the military at all; that small minority does not warrant lowering standards for more women to fight on the front. We are not talking about the extremely small number of women that could pound through the standards like they were nothing. Extremes always exist in everything. We are talking about the women admitted solely because of the lowered standards, which most definitely happen.
(1.) While there is no merit as you say to compare them to, other then comparing military to military, our first responders are the closest thing we have in our society to compare to. Show me another line of work that uses military ranks, uniforms, strict guidelines, significant training time, and all while getting paid crap, rarely thanked, and go long periods with little to no sleep, walking into lord only knows, and being told to fix it with what you have, adapt, overcome, and complete the mission. (and absolutely loving every e**in minute of it but always finding something to b**ch about). I agree its NOT the same, but its the closest thing we have.

(3.) Tell that to all the women who have ever deployed to a war zone. You go ahead and tell them that they can't hack it.

(4.) No, we ARE talking about the small minority of women who can hack it. That (I believe) is the OP's point. No one said anything about lowering any standards. I believe the point the OP is trying to make is in her opinion if we can make the standards, we should be allowed to do it.

(2.) Lastly, sounds like you were a military person, you touched on how people can be tough at times, especially in extreme scenerios. Your also an EMT. When you started out in the military, and when you started as an EMT you didn't waltz right into it and were instantly tough. You learn to toughen yourself build that hard psychological armor up so that you could deal with the harsh realities of your duty. Its not something that just men can do. Women can do it too. Anyone can.
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You're creepy old guy.

You not getting it unless you're loaded like Bill Gates or have game like Neil McCauley.

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The wife told me tampons are on sale this week. She can pick you some up while she's out.
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What ever happened to "While I do not agree with what you have to say, sir, I'll defend to the death your right to say it."?
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