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The amount of stuff you take is dependent on the length of time you will be without access to spare parts.

If you go camping, bring a complete high quality spare bolt, a buffer, action spring, trigger springs, buffer detent/detent spring, magazine catch/spring/button, firing pin, cam pin, firing pin retaining pin, charging handle, bottle of Slip 2000 EWL, a bore snake and chamber brush, and a couple tools is all you need. Oh, and a Glock 17. Pick the ammo and mag amounts.

If this is a bug-out situation parts/tools become critical. Assuming that there will be small amounts of down time to make repairs at night or in a concealed location here is a list:

A complete BCG, another complete bolt, all bolt parts (ejector, ejector spring and pin, extractor, extractor spring and rubber bumper), gas rings, firing pin, cam pin, firing pin retaining pin, lower receiver parts kit (minus grip), a gas tube w/pin, receiver extension/ castle nut, action spring (high quality), spare buffer, and a charging handle.

Tools: Minimum number of punches (use your knife butt as a hammer, or buy brass hammer and cut the handle down), bolt disassembly tool (Brownnells, driver handle and bits, (you can also remove the castle nut with a punch and a hammer, I've done it.

Cleaning: 2 - Bore snakes, a couple chamber brushes, a tooth brush, a couple brushes for gas key and carrier cleaning, bolt cleaning tool, Fire Clean, small bottle of powder/grease/cleaner remover.

Ammo: As much as you can carry of M855. and 9mm +p.

Pistol, don't bother with Glock parts, just bring a second Glock. So maybe a 17 and 19 with just Glock 17 mags.

Magazine: As many as you can take. Minimum of 8 standard capacity magazines. Or as many 10s as you can fit in. Preload you mags of course.

For a few days there may only be enough time to oil your bolt, so keep oil and the spare bolt on the rifle (grip and or stock).

If it is a high quality AR it will keep running as long as you keep the bolt and carrier lubed and don't break anything.

Good luck.

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