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Exclamation Home Invasion Pistol: Dec 9 Markley's Watsonville


$100 + $20 RANGE FEE
This course is a designed to give the shooter the proper shooting fundamentals and


This is a low round count course with a 50/50 classroom/ range time division. This class is for everyone from beginner to expert marksman- what this class does is prepare you, your home, your weapon and what to expect in a home invasion scenario. We will cover legalities, what to expect and do after a shooting, 911 calls, weapons storage, ballistics against soft tissue and against barriers (walls, furniture, appliances), lighting techniques, searching procedures and common modes of assault that are being used in the bay area by criminals.

This course will teach the shooter proper pistol fundamentals, weapons manipulation techniques in a home invasion scenario. The pistol is the most people’s go to weapon for home defense. That being said there is a ton of misinformation and falsehoods that surround this platform based on the “experts” humble opinion. We will teach you how to use this weapon effectively and safely while thoroughly explaining the different functions performed by various forms of ammunition. Students will also learn how to properly set up the gun for home defense as well as the proper handling and manipulation of the weapon. This course is designed to challenge and advance any shooter by combining mindset, equipment and reality. We will take you out of your comfort zone and hold you accountable to a higher standard, this is the standard required to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Proper equipment selection based on your reality and environment

Shooting fundamentals

Low light shooting techniques

Searching your home

Setting up your pistol

Physics of the shooter and the gun

Improved recoil mitigation techniques

Penetration and over penetration issues on soft tissue as well as barriers (doors and walls)

Safely and effectively storing your pistol in the home

Defense Ammunition selection & Ballistics Lecture

Incapacitation Zones (CNS, CVS, & Psychological)

Tactical mindset

Situation specific shooting positions

Psychology of the gunfight

Use of deadly force

Learn what to do after the shoot

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