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Well, what happens is instead of ejecting the empty round, that round will get caught above the chamber and the next round will come partially out of the mag. Usually I can just tip the rifle to the side and the empty will drop out. Then I can recharge the rifle or drop the mag and push out the unfired round. The worst jam was when the emptie got caught above the bolt. I had to wiggle it back and forth with a tool to get it loose after I removed my magazine.

As for my rifle specs...I have a Stag lower, a leftie upper (M4forgery with Iron Sites), Stag lower parts kit, and stag stock.

Bimmer2, for a rest I use a Caldwell Rock Jr. Rifle Front Shooting Rest. That might be the cause of the inaccuracy. However I shoot my M1s and M1A and my bolts off this rest with no trouble.

As for proper lubrication, that could be the issue too. I have always lightly lubed all the parts and used gun greese on the outside of the bolt. Before I take her back to Burro, I'll try to follow the USGI method.

The rifle is on the second from the right.
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