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4" at 200 is that a typo?

Originally Posted by sbkarmen View Post
Well you get to many ideas with gun choices and options from everyone on calguns, so here's my version of a Remy 700 26" with AICS. I got kind of an overkill scope, hopefully to mount on a 338 Lapua magnum eventually to, and maybe even some NV on the MARS rail. The IOR 4X28x56 scope with a 40mm tube is super clear and bright, gotta smoking deal out in Vegas so I'm happy with her. So far broke her in cleaning it after ever 3 rounds shooting 100 yards, went out to 200 yards and got like a 4 inch groups, so far 60 rounds through her and can't wait until I take her out again. First time with a long range rifle and bolt action for that matter. hopefully get out to as far as I can before I get anything bigger with more expensive ammo.

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