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Originally Posted by kcbrown View Post
Nor should they have an automobile, a baseball bat, a screwdriver, a knife, or anything else that they could possibly use to bring harm to another, even if only by accident.


Then you must also hope that he loses his driver's license.

Why don't you also advocate that he be stuck into a mental institution for a period of time? Until, of course, he shows more ability to be responsible.

I don't give a crap how someone makes us look, at least when it comes to whether or not that person holds onto his rights.

You obviously don't even know what rights are. Maybe you should lose your right to speak until you do, because you can't speak responsibly about rights until you really know what they are. How would you like that?

Ok, sure. This guy was illegally carrying concealed (I don't disagree that the laws in CA are ridiculous and LTC is essentially not attainable, however it is the law of the land, like it or not); carrying concealed on a MILITARY BASE no less. Weed in the car (sure, it was his it). The standard capacity mag to me was the least important thing, depending on how and when he acquired it, maybe not illegal. There has to be some level of intelligence for certain things, like driving (often unmet in LA), and shooting/owning guns. What we set that level as, can be debated.

You mad?
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