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Originally Posted by 4GLOCK30 View Post
(n) “Disassembly of the firearm action” means the fire control assembly is detached from the action in such a way that the action has been interrupted and will not function. For example, disassembling the action on a two part receiver, like that on an AR-15 style firearm, would require the rear take down pin to be removed, the upper receiver lifted upwards and away from the lower receiver using the front pivot pin as the fulcrum, before the magazine may be removed.
This is the main reason why I won't use the Juggernaut Hellfighter or other similar options that only crack open the upper without removing the pin. In my county, the LEOs don't care much about enforcing the new laws, but in an effort to conform to the latest legislation I have chosen the standard AR MAGLOCK Gen 1 utilizing a extended rear take down pin that must be fully removed in order to drop the magazine,
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