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Originally Posted by Califpatriot View Post
Don't have time to watch the video, but if it allows even one shot to be fired with the action cracked open (which the ARMaglock does, I believe, based on its forum rep's admission), it's in an extremely gray area based on the definition of fixed mag in the regs, and discussed at length in other threads.
Just to clarify, the Juggernaut Tactical Hellfighter Mod Kit(JTHMK) rear takedown pin combined with Hogue Freedom Fighter fixed magazine solution, does make this rifle legal. When the rifle is fully assembled, (both receiver are closed shut and pinned), it is a fixed magazine semi-automatic rifle.

When action is partially open, it no longer is a semi-automatic. Bolt is locked forward, action cannot be worked, if the rifle did fire it would do so in a single shot mode. The action cannot cycle or function as a semi-automatic. Bolt actions and single shots are not what CA DoJ calls an "assault weapon"
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