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Originally Posted by damon1272 View Post
Having been there once and going back soon I would venture to say they attract folks that have some wealth that may attend once or twice and not return. These same folks buy the more expensive packages, buy ammo from there because it is easy, and buy memberships for family members.

Most of these folks that can afford it are older and have the kind of money to come in through the front door.

I think money is made from local businesses such as the Best Western in town, the food served on site, and all of the up selling they do when there as you are a captive audience.

That said I have worked for places that operate near the same as they have a ton of folks coming through the doors. He has an efficient operation. He pays his employees dirt and the operation internally appears to be cutthroat if your not "in". I say this as I have worked for other operations much like this. It is a business model that works but tends to spit people out if they don't have the ability to hang or cant see it for what it is and how they have to operate to keep running. The other thing is you have to keep clients focused on the future and show some progress even if it is incremental to keep the money flowing.

All that said is not to take away from the operation. They are customer oriented and teach what they have to teach well. I plan on going back next month then in April and maybe in October again for this year. I was pretty impressed by the operation overall.
Damon, this is a very great explanation of how their business plan seems to work! There are so many comments in threads asking how they can stay in business and it would be nice if this reply was the go-to response. It it very true, their training and instructors is absolutely awesome. We have been there twice already and will be going back again in June at the latest. I'm actually looking to maybe take a shotgun course or something between now and June just to keep going. I will be buying my ammo from the bunker from now on as well. I didn't realize the pricing is very close to online prices and I don't need to deal with shipping!
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