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Originally Posted by JENANI View Post
My daughter and I went to FrontSight for three days for private training (I bought a membership via an online charity auction, and quickly traded it up for "a reasonable price" to a membership that would include unlimited lifetime free private training for my then-11-year-old). It was such a great experience, even with the freezing weather! We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Parhump, had a rental, and drove the 20 minutes to the range each day. It is an easy drive. We had Madison for the first day, and Seth for the next two days. I recommend either instructor to train kids as both were very patient, knowledgeable, and took the time to really communicate to my daughter. It was a really great mother-daughter trip. She shot on a Walther .22P; I shot a Glock 19. We brought them with us from SFO to McCarran; it took less than 10 minutes to check the firearms at both airports. I brought back 1000 rounds of 9 mil ammo from Frontsight; again, no issue at the airports. We shot about 750 rounds each during the 3 days of training. My daughter went from never-before-having-fired a gun to shooting nearly as good as I can shoot (her eyes are better lol). She is confident, comfortable at 3, 5, 7, 10. and 15 yards. She is able to handle a gun in a responsible manner. Now, if only there were somewhere around where we live in Marin County to practice ! ! !
Great job getting your kids started on the right track with proper training! Front Sight does a fantastic job establishing and emphasizing the importance of strong fundamentals for students at all skill levels.
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