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Originally Posted by jshoebot View Post
Are you talking about the GI Joe's in downtown? Can you post a picture of the ACU jacket you made? All my gear is ACU so I'd be interested in seeing what it looks like
Here's a pic of it. I was talking about the GI joes surplus in El Cajon, right off of the 8 on el cajon blvd. They have GI shooting jackets but only in med. I saw they have a few of the creedmoor style jackets but they are also med sized. They were only like $25 so I bought one to salvage the elbow pads and bicep cuff. Then just added it to an ACU jacket I had. I also put some thin neoprene pads that had come with some 5.11 pants into the sleeve pockets for some padding on the left arm.

I made the ACU one after I had already put my riflemans patch on my GI shooting jacket. But I like the ACU one because of the lighter color and material.

This is my other jacket/22 rifle setup

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