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Originally Posted by hermosabeach View Post
And don’t forget, Vegas has crazy stupid knife laws. CCW does not exempt you from dumb knife laws.

12.04.180 - Concealed weapons prohibited without permit.

It is unlawful, within the unincorporated area of Clark County, for any person to carry upon his person a concealed weapon, not permitted in accordance with state law, of any description, including a knife with a blade of three inches or more, capable of being concealed, without first having received written permission therefor from the sheriff.

(Ord. 242 18, 1965)

(Ord. No. 4332, 7, 10-12-2015)
In order to clean up NV "knife" laws, NV repealed some of their laws concerning the carrying of knives.

Repeal went into effect on 01-01-2015.

Before 2015; it was illegal to conceal carry any knife or machette.
After 2014; it is illegal to conceal carry a machette.

Before 2015; it was illegal to import, make, transfer, or possess a "switchblade knife" in NV.
After 2014; it is legal to import, make, transfer, or possess a "switchblade knife" in NV.

However, AFAIK, these cahnges did not effect NV county ordinances prohibiting the carrying of knives.

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