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By your statements here I don't think you have a clue about how Gunsite runs a training class. If you had a clue about Gunsite, you might look at my user name and go Hmmmmmm. I'll give you one little clue, my hat is Orange and my belt buckle says American Pistol Institute. My cert for API250 was signed on the 10th of May by Jeff. Lets see if you know what's special about that date, too.

Originally Posted by SilverTauron View Post
If someone is seriously investing the time and effort to attend Gunsite or a similar training academy, they will have no trouble with these requirements.

There is no room for error when 20 + people share a live firing line for a week .

One reason we can attend such places in America is because they keep off the Brady Club's radar. If you think they're pissed about private gun sales, just wait until the blisninnys find out its legal in America for anyone to learn about detailed weapons training. The best way to keep Gunsite and its cohorts off the Federal radar screen is to ensure no one ends up dead over negligent BS, which means some ground rules need to be laid down first.

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