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+1 for Trashman's take.

Matching Box, papers, tools etc. always add a premium. As noted above, nickel finish in a 58 is also a premium as those are significantly rarer than blued models. This from someone (me) who let a nickled 58 in the box slip through his hands years ago in trade in part for a minty blued 27.

Another key question point is whether it has the "as issued" grips. If OEM, the grip will almost certainly be a walnut magna style, unless there is a matching box with the gun that indicates otherwise.

90% plus gun with the extras and OEM grips, I'd say $800 is the bottom floor and price can absolutely go up with condition. Collectors will be all over it.

90% plus gun by itself with apparently original grips, $700 bottom floor.

90% plus gun by itself with replaced grips, $600 bottom floor. This condition also, to a degree, will take some collectors out of the play as the gun is basically a shooter at that point.

As noted above, the market is somewhat limited by the absolute need to reload for .41 Magnum. And 90% plus would need to stand up to examination by a potential buyer. Price can go down with faults found.
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