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my husband is a CO with CDCR and I'm going to assume they just saw CDCR and assumed what the poster below stated. Since the peace officers MUST qualify quarterly with off duty weapon to get the card through CDCR they may have made the assumption you could not do so, thus seeking from the SO. I'd appeal and make sure they know you are admin or other type of employee, not a peace officer and a letter from CDCR explaining this couldn't hurt. Sorry you hit a snag. My husband tried to be nice and not rub it in after we took a CCW class together (he came along to support me) and he 1)didn't have to pay since the instructor was cool like that for any LEO or peace officers, 2) got to take his little page right into work and bam 3) had his "permit" that day. still jumping through the hoops like a pup in training! :P Let us know how it goes!

Originally Posted by Ewcmr2 View Post
Sounds like the sheriff denied you because you CAN apply where you work.

From the sheriffs perspective it looks like you applied at work and they turned you down because they know something about you (no judgement or accusation by me!) by working with you.

Apply at work, if they reject your application because "that's not something we do here" take that letter to the sheriff showing it's not you it's the protocol where you work.
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