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Originally Posted by Peter.Steele View Post
I had an unintentional discharge, but it wasn't negligent.

I'd just bought a new M44, and it was my first time taking it out to the desert to shoot. Because it was the first time, and it was non-refurbed, I was being more cautious than normal, because of the Mosin-Nagant's particular sear arrangement. Even though I'd dry-fired it quite a few times and racked the bolt a lot, I'd never had a problem ... but the first time I chambered a round (with the rifle safely pointed downrange and finger off the triffer, although not completely shouldered because the bolt is so long) sure 'nuff, the sear didn't hold, and the round fired when I closed the bolt.

That was also the last time that particular rifle has fired. I haven't gotten around to replacing the sear yet, so I keep the bolt separate from the gun just to make sure I don't accidentally grab it for use.
Reminds me of the guy I know who bought a break action shotgun at a garage sale and when he first closed the action (with a round chambered) it shot. He found out really quickly why it was so cheap.

No ND for me as of now. Knock on wood.
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Damn it man! We could have got drunk, called a taxi and drop by Kest house with a mega phone.
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