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Originally Posted by CGT80 View Post
Last weekend, I also set off my 460 mag revolver when I was still half a second from intending to pull the trigger. I was slow firing in single action. I was looking at the target when I cocked the hammer. I must have had my finger on the trigger a tad too soon. Single action is so light that you can't feel it move when the shot breaks. The gun went off, with a light 460 load, but it still hit the target.
Similar situation for me. Was getting ready to fire my S&W 686 for the second time out on BLM land, cocked the hammer, and was lowering the gun to aim at the target. Finger was on the trigger. They say when properly squeezing the trigger, you should be somewhat surprised when the gun goes off, we'll I was definitely surprised, but not because of properly squeezing the trigger. I ended up firing well above my intended target. Luckily I was at least pointing down range. Hair trigger in SA. Finger off the trigger until I intend to fire. Lesson learned.
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Because a Glock looks great in the case and then when you take it home it feels like you're holding a Costco pack of Kielbasa.
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