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Originally Posted by Mossy Man View Post
Thanks. My appeal was denied, so i can't even re-apply until next year anyway.

Maybe I'll have jumped ship to EDD by then.
You don't want to wait a year and you don't want have to explain previous refusals. See post 12. Your agency doesn't have the authority to issue to you because of your classification. Penal Code (PC) Sections 830.2(d)(1) & (2) and PC 830.5. identify the employees who are peace officers. CDCR Operations Manual, Chapter 5, Article 1, applies the statute. You need to identify yourself as not one of them. That's where the position duty statement, NOPA and other employment documents come in.

I would also suggest a call to Amber (she is a functionary, not a decision maker) and briefly and politely explain there is some great confusion over your classification status under the state and that is causing the rejection. How can you best proceed? With whom can you speak?

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