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Originally Posted by Motorola View Post
Sorry to revive this thread without any new info, but I can't believe that a GC statement based solely on being a private pilot, and visiting remote airfields, was sufficient for issue in OC.

I have specific circumstances unrelated to my being a private pilot, and am just trying to decide which road to take...maybe articulate both in my GC?

Just trying to get a plan together before I start drafting my GC.

Great site, great info, and glad to donate to the cause.
FWIW, somebody can feel free to correct but the licenses approved by OCSD in the last few years that have to do with a work-related GC are typically restricted to be "valid during the scope and course of work only" (or similar language). If you can articulate a GC that relates to your non-work life, it should increase your chances of getting an unrestricted license. YMMV, and good luck.
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