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Originally Posted by Sleighter View Post
Madstone that is really horrible. I would have to say that if someone is alert enough to say 'don't touch me', then I wouldn't consider them in a life threatening situation. I also generally think moving people in a car accident is a road to a lawsuit. Unless they're not breathing or dont have a pulse, I've been taught to leave them due to risks of paralysis, etc.
Agreed, this is pretty much what they told us at CERT training last week.

If that lady in the car said "dont touch me" and it wasnt on fire or some other life threatening situation then whoever pulled her out never should have touched her. If they are conscious, get consent before touching them. An unconscious victim is a whole different ballgame.

But thats not what this thread is about, lots of good tips in here to build a good first aid kit, I am taking notes.
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