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Thumbs down WARNING! Do Not Buy From COBRATAC

On March 15, 2013, I sent Cobratac $504.75 for:

20x AR mag rebuild kits
5x AK mag rebuild kits

I received almost all of the mags. The box I received contained:

19x AR mag rebuild kits
5x AK mag rebuild kits

(BTW the box had 25 AR 5 AK written on it, which is wrong)

I was bummed to say the least. I ordered 5 AR mags each for myself and 3 friends. I made the order so I had to take the hit on the missing magazine.

No big deal, I though; I'll contact the seller and let him know that I had been shorted one mag. He could have made it right by sending me the missing mag, but that never happened.

3/25: I let them know via PM that I was missing a mag.
He responded the same day apologizing for the mistake and assured me that he would send another shortly.

4/11: I sent a pm asking for the status as I had not yet received the missing magazine.
4/13: He replied that they oversold their inventory because of an issue with their site but they will work to fix it.

4/25: He sent me a PM to confirm my mailing address and assured me that he would finally send the mag
4/25: I replied the same day with my mailing address and that is the last I've heard.

I apologize if this is the wrong area, I just want to warn people that they may never receive their full order from Cobratac.

I understand if this is a new company that may have some bugs, but this is ridiculous.
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