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Originally Posted by retiredAFcop View Post
Actually, we come in 12th (frequency of mass public shootings per 1 million residents).

Norway, Finland, France, Austria, Belgium, even Switzerland are ahead of us.

And Canada is right behind us.

The difference is the media coverage. American tragedies get much more international coverage than those in other countries.
Well look, I like John Lott, but that is some serious number massaging here using a very narrow time period - and it's convenient that it managed to include some particularly violent episodes of terrorism in Europe.

(By the way, I'm familiar with those countries, I lived in some of them.)

But there's also another reason you'll still lose your argument with antis on this subject: none of the shootings in Europe cited in that compilation occurred in schools. School mass shootings are a U.S. thing, and you won't be able to deny it. That's what so many people in the U.S. and beyond are horrified. It's the fact that the victims are mostly kids.

That's why the public opinion is turning and companies are dropping their partnership with the NRA. Everytime a school shooting happens, they see the NRA and some pro-2A folks deny that we do have a problem.

So there's no point denying it (I'm not saying you or everybody does), but mostly I find it weird that some people here seem to fail to understand anti-gunners' reactions on this issue. You don't have to be manipulated by the liberal media to think there's something really screwed up here.
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