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Originally Posted by nedro View Post
Threads like this make the entire 2A community look like stereotypical losers.
The point if this thread is to demonstrate that ridiculous and far-fetched warnings are easy to make, but don't come true.

Hopefully, when faced with the facts of their error, the fear-mongers will reconsider their reckless and irresponsible alarmism, and quit posting it. Because we won't forget about it.

The FEMA FEDGOV FALSE FLAG EMP silliness posts I linked to in the first post of the thread have not come true, and I am willing to bet they won't, not one year from now, not ten years from now.

In the month since I started this thread, there have been no:

FEMA invasions
FEMA internment camps
FEDGOV EMP attacks on US citizens

There will be none, and this thread can chronicle that fact for easy reference.
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