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Originally Posted by 79camaro View Post
Well, I am having more problems figuring out how/if I should bolt down the safe than when I was trying to decide WHICH safe to get! LOL!

I'm not sure I will build a raised slab in my closet, that might work great in the garage....but not in a closet. At the same time, I am having great doubts about drilling (even 3/4") into the I am leaning towards the 4x4s epoxied onto the floor and using lag bolts to secure the safe to the 4x4s

I plan on getting a security system, so I just want to slow down the burglar. Odds are that IF my house is broken into, it will NOT be a pro, but rather a meth head that is just looking for quick "grab and run" items. So, I don't believe he would even mess with the safe, and if he did, he would do minimal damage to it and the police get there while he's trying to figure out which kitchen knife to use on the safe!
I wouldn't epoxy 4X4s to the floor. Go with the drop in anchors into the pt slab. Just make sure you only go in 3/4" and you have the proper set tool that leaves the imprint on the face of the drop in anchor when it's set properly.
I've drilled thousands of drop in anchors, and suspended hundreds of pieces of HVAC equipment from those anchors. The key is you cannot drill two unless they are at least 10 times the diameter of the anchor apart.from each other.
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