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Originally Posted by sd_shooter View Post
Why don't you secure it to a couple wall studs using lab bolts? Put the safe in a closet and figure out where the studs are. Drill through the back of the safe (not hard with your typical Costco/HD/Lowes safe...) and voila - just as much of a PITA for the bad guys as through it were bolted down.

And BTW, they'll still get in there if they have the time and tools for it. Bolting it only slows them down.
I was thinking about drilling the back but
i have an inch gap in between the safe and the wall, do I fill the gap with a piece of wood then bolt it through to the stud? then wouldn't it void the warranty of the safe by drillingthe back side? anyway it's funny that people say that it's better to have a safe than not having a safe, now that I have a safe, I still have a problem
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