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Originally Posted by Rider1k View Post
all good info. I would drill at least four 5/8" holes equal distant inside your forms and epoxy 5/8" all thread into them. When the epoxy is set I would either tie these to your rebar grid for the pour or better yet even lay them out so that they mate with the holes in the floor of your safe. Bolt your safe to these with a washer and nut any it isn't moving!
My safe is too heavy to make this practical when it comes to setting it in place, and I didn't have it here so I didn't want to run the risk of being 1/16 off. For me, the safe had to be set on the slab and then drilled.

If I had a lighter safe already here, your method would be the best by far to secure it down.
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Originally Posted by KWalkerM View Post
eh why bring logic into this, that makes too much sense... besides when you have bested a fool, you have accomplished nothing and he is a fool.
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