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Eyesight can be a real issue with the bottom row. I found with the tech sights and my eyesight the lowest row was marginal and I was guessing a little about elevation. I trusted my NPOA and basically on every AQT there was a 50% chance I'd get it right and I'd score 220ish and a 50% chance I'd get a nice little group just *above* each target and the score of course would be terrible.

But now that you know the basics you should be OK - figure out the scope (you might need some kind of cheek pad to get a quality cheek weld - my wife did - we use one from Larue tactical), and set a timer and practice getting into position and dryfiring at cadence and doing the reloads and all that. It'll give you some idea of how much time you have to confirm NPOA before you have to start shooting on the timed parts. A lot of being able to do the AQT efficiently is being able to get into the right position the first time without a lot of fiddling and dry fire's perfect for that.
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