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Thanks for the kind comments everyone.

Mlevans66, The Volquartsen accurizing kit and the bolt assist were purchased from Midway. The grips were purchased from handgun grips dot com (they are the smooth ultima target in rosewood). The Majestic speed strip kit was purchased from a small local gunshop/range/gunsmith business here in Orange County called Evans Shooters World, but you can get it online too. The bushing to eliminate the mag disconnect was purchased from Sam Lam in Canada. The Aimpoint micro H1 was purchased from a local Brick and Mortar called Rifle Gear. They had a good price on it too.

One thing with the Volquartsen bolt assist:

Although I love the thing and it makes it just super easy and fast to rack the bolt with just a flick of the wrist, I've had all kinds of issues with the parts that attach to the bolt "ears" loosening under the intense vibration of the bolt during operation. Even with the high strength red loctite, the screws loosened within a few shots. I even broke the first one that I bought due to over tightening. When this assembly loosens, it rotates. And when it rotates, the bolt will not go into battery. This would happen within 4 magazines.

That's why I had to modify it by drilling straight though the bolt assist and countersinking, then I drilled and tapped an 8-32 hole directly into the back of the bolt. With this I can crank down pretty tightly and I haven't even had to use any loctite at all. Last trip was 100 shots with virtually no loosening of any components at all.

I emailed Nic Volquartsen about this and his reply stated that there is a primer that they use for the red loctite which will cause it to set up very quickly and they've had no problems with loosening. I did not know this and I've never seen it for sale anywhere (It would have been nice if they included this info in the package). Again, I love the bolt assist and that's why I went through all of the trouble to make it work. I think it looks kind of cool, and it really does make it lightening fast and extremely easy to operate the bolt, especially for that first round from the closed bolt that includes cocking the hammer.

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