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Originally Posted by slamfire51 View Post
You would not be able to have your firearms delivered to your job. They can only be delivered to the address on your license.
actually, there is no requirement that firearms only be shipped to the premiis or mailing address on the FFL.

Can an FFL ship a firearm to an address
that is different from the business
premises address identified on the

Yes. Neither the GCA nor its implementing
regulations contain specific provisions,
requiring that an FFL have firearms shipped
to their licensed business premises when
receiving firearms. To that end, an FFL may
lawfully receive firearms at their mailing
address, storage location, or other address
where the licensee intends to ensure safe
and secure receipt of the firearms.

ATF Industry Circular 74-13 outlines
“Guidelines for Verifying Identity and
Licensed Status of Transferee.” It states, in
part, that “when the shipment is to be made
to an address other than the transferee’s
premises as listed on his or her license or on
his or her certified list, it is suggested that
the transferor verify the address as being
that of the transferee.” Furthermore,
pursuant to section 922 (b) of the GCA, it is
unlawful to ship a firearm interstate to an
unlicensed individual.

We encourage that FFLs verify to the best of
their ability that the shipping address is a
valid location where the licensee is prepared
to receive and subsequently possess the
firearms. In addition, if an FFL has customers
that require frequent delivery of firearms to
an address other than their licensed business
premises, we recommend that the shipping
address be placed on file with ATF’s Federal
Firearms Licensing Center (FFLC) as an
additional mailing address.

It should be noted that any FFL receiving
firearms at locations other than their
licensed premises must maintain accurate
records of acquisition and disposition of
firearms. The acquisition of firearms must be
recorded by the close of the following
business day or, if commercial records are
maintained, within 7 days following the
acquisition (See 27 CFR 478.125(e) and (g)).
In the event of an ATF compliance
inspection, the FFL must make all records
and firearms inventory available for
inspection. In addition, if the location is
used as a continuous off-site storage facility,
the FFL must notify the FFLC so that the
address can be placed on file.

But you would probably be hard pressed to find an FFL that would be willing to ship to a non-listed address.

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