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Originally Posted by KevMorris View Post

Took it to the range and was shooting some Remington Golden Bullet and had several misfires. The firing pin struck, but no bang. Fed the bullets in again and they fired fine a second time. Not sure what the issue is, whether it doesn't like that ammo or what.

Haven't mounted the scope yet either. Not quite sure how. I'll figure it all out eventually, but if you've got info about the misfires or scope mounting, please let me know.
I use the winchester hyper x...had only one misfire in several hundred rounds... I don't know about refeeding the bullets a second time into the chamber...there has to be some safety issue with that.

As for a scope..I picked up a Bushnell .22 rimfire 3-9. worked great but the zero was a pain. The Bushnell had scope mounts attached and you just screw it on over the ejection port.

It's a great little rifle.
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