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Originally Posted by LBDamned View Post
Those types of responses are uncalled for - regardless of what was said to provoke response... People need to keep their heads straight.
I saw the "rope necklace" thread as it was unfolding, and the troll clearly overreacted and blew it all out of proportion. It was not that the user who said "rope necklace" wasn't being provocative, but it sure wasn't anywhere near what the troll amped it up to be.

It reminded me of some of the Social Justice Warriors purposefully trolling Trump supporters, then perhaps the Trump supporter pushes the SJW out of his face, and the SJW falls down screaming, "MY ARM, HE BROKE MY ARM!"

Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration in regards to the "rope necklace" troll, but only a tiny bit of an exaggeration. It is possible the troll really felt threatened and was not faking it. But either way, the threat was completely in the mind of the troll.
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