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Originally Posted by klewan View Post
I saw an article about dumping 1K rounds as fast possible thru a govt barrel. Barrel sagged an a round came out thru the top of the sag. Set the hand guard on fire, it was that hot. They added 5oz of steel to the govt barrel and repeated the test. Barrel got to 1K rounds without it sagging, the gastube overheated and failed this time. A little bit of metal seems to help a lot if you've got ammo to burn.
If you ever find the article send it over to me, id like to check it out.

If you are going to run a gun this hard, it would also be wise to run a free float hand guard, it would help prevent any additional stress on the barrel causing sagging or warping from things like vertical grips.

It probably wouldn't hurt to get a heavy barrel and get some fluting to reduce weight and increase surface area for cooling too.
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