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Originally Posted by ExtremeX View Post
I'm going to venture to say a stainless barrel probably isn't for the OP. If that truly is his shooting style, hes probably going to be better off with a chrome lined or cold hammer forged barrel in a heavier profile.

I'm curious OP: What is your reasonable expectation of accuracy? Hitting a man sized target or sub moa groups?

I don't feel like typing and essay right now so ill give you some bullet points. Assuming the barrels are made to the same standard in manufacturing.

Light weight profiles + mag dump isn't going to give you sustained accuracy. Groups tend to open up as lighter profiled barrels heat up.

Typically a stainless barrel is more accurate. The downside is that it comes at a cost... barrel life

Stainless is said to be higher maintenance than CHF or CL.

CHF and CL barrels typically last longer, but wont deliver the type of accuracy as stainless.

Regardless of the barrel material, a heavier profile barrel will maintain better accuracy as it heats up.
A stainless barrel can be nitrided, thus increasing its life. In fact, nitriding stainless steel will yield higher surface hardness than carbon steel.
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