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Originally Posted by onequickshift View Post
First off, lets start this right, you're so bucking full of ****. Let's get that out of the way. Next, their ticket system is awesome! Their customer service is awesome! Ok lets move on shall we?

Hits a nerve with me! Since you like to talk asian!!!!! I have korean, but I also have other eths with aggression like GERMAN, IRISH, ITALIAN too on my dad's side! So I get really ****ing pissed. And Now I am really cussing, cause your crap is stupid. Good, fine, go away, I am sure RG would agree, they don't need/want business from you. Trust me, they don't need your business.

Make's me wonder, did you even have issues with your smithy? Or were you just playing the bleedy ***** card wha wha you got sand in your cooch son. I doubt the problem was with services rendered, probably the problem was? YOU. Flat out, simple.

Jesus, my blood pressure just climbed, I am ganna go cuss in other languages and kill some steak with a knife and fork while reading what others posted to this, you're a *****!
Wow, I love this post!! I think you would be a great girlfriend!! You speak your mind...Can I get a date??
I love America for the rights and freedoms we used to have.
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