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Originally Posted by fastkevin View Post
I'm the type that purposely buys from the local guys first, to support my local business(es). Up 'til now I shopped at Ammo Bros(until their 'smith' ruined my upper attempting to install a piston kit, then 'only' charged me $200 for his 'time'), and today I decided to hit up Riflegear.
I entered the store(which is at most 8 feet from the counter to the door), grabbed a number, and waited. When it was time for my number to come up, a dude behind the counter looked at me and I showed him my tag(14). He then looked away from me, and at a female, who showed him her number, which was the one after mine(15). He then proceeded to point at her and click the number display THROUGH 14, and stopped at 15. I know what you're thinking, and you could be right, but she wasn't even 5' tall, and EASILY two-bills(200lbs). Maybe that was his type...but in any event, I then looked at him and asked in an outside voice, "what happened to 14'? Everyone looked at me, but nobody said anything.
Here's the facts:
I was the ONLY white person in the store. EVERYONE behind the counter was asian. And I noticed a few minutes ago I'm wearing a t-shirt with a particular U.S. Army unit crest on it.
I had been in the store standing quietly in the same location for the previous 20-minutes.
The Counter-person looked right at me and saw my number 14, then chose to help the next person(who like everyone else in the store, wasn't white, and wasn't wearing any military-related clothing), AFTER clicking the number sign TWICE to get through MY number, and land on the next person's.
For whatever reason, dude CHOSE NOT to help ME. Whether that was his decision alone, or that of the store itself, I don't know. The only thing I can say is that there was NO mistake made on his part. He saw me plain as day, and purposely helped someone else.
The ONLY differences between me and the other customers was the color of my skin, and the emblem on my shirt.
There WASN'T a booger sticking out of my nose, nor am I oozing puss or any other vile bodily fluid that would make one not want to come within 100 yards of me. I know because I checked..
I know the local asian communites around here aren't big flag wavers(U.S. anyway), and this store IS in a city with a huge asian population, but refusing service to a 'customer' because he's white and/or [prior] military? That's just money is just as green as everyone else.
In any event, I know I'm not gonna even consider doing business with this store again. If it's one thing we're not short of around here, it's gun stores.
5000 thread views and 4 pages of replies and yet you are still nowhere to be found. We all know you view the thread without login in because you are now ashamed of yourself for making horrendous accusations and lying on the internet. Great job! Now no one will ever do transactions with you again. I hope you enjoyed being trolled, you deserve every bit of it. And i hope i never get to meet you in real life.

Im buying another rifle from riflegear very soon.
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