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This is a civil case, not a criminal case. No one's freedom is at stake, just their liberty to buy the handgun they want.

This is an appeal, not a trial. We're not waiting for jurors to decide about facts, but judges deciding about law/justice.

We're not talking about someone convicted being on death row for decades. It hasn't even been a year since oral arguments.

I didn't say give the judges a blank check, only that I won't get antsy until Oct 01 -- another 8+ months.

But, everyone, please feel free to ignore me and be if that makes you feel better....

As for me: Pena does not directly affect me and I can't directly affect it, so I'll be until Librarian edits the tread title to say the decision has been released.

Originally Posted by Rastoff View Post
I think this is one of the great failings of the populace in the 21st century; letting the wheels of justice grind away.

The founding fathers understood the value of a speedy trial to the accused. This is necessary because their life is passing by and we have limited time on this earth. Time is the one commodity that can never be traded and never increases. So, a long trial or wait for a trial is tantamount to being found guilty right away.

The right to a speedy trial doesn't apply to matters of legislation. They always go against us because they go into affect immediately and then take decades to overturn NO MATTER HOW UNCONSTITUTIONAL THEY ARE.

Look at the microstamping issue. We held it off for a few years, but its enactment is a 100% gun ban which is 100% unconstitutional both in the concept of fair trade and the 2A.

No, I don't agree with being patient. It is our right and our duty to show the powers-that-be that we're fed up with their condescending attitude toward our rights. We need to force them to do their jobs. Stop taking vacations every other week and just get it done. I don't know how to do it, but the time for patiently waiting is past.
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