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Originally Posted by DaMeMe View Post
To be honest it's going to take years before we can have that unlawful roster list removed even after the ninth circuit court decision.
The microstamping rule is one thing--since there is no technology that complies with the statutory mandate (and separately that it has nothing to do with safety)--while the rest of the roster requirements another thing all together. The initial requirements--drop safety and reliability--were a consumer safety regulation, and the add-ons (LCI, manual safety and mag disconnect) protections against consumer stupidity ("I didn't know the gun was loaded, and I'm so sorry my friend...") Do you really think any court is going to find that "safety" requirements with which pretty much all manufacturers can comply are "illegal"? Sorry, I really don't see it happen, especially when compared to the regulatory framework that applies to a plethora of consumer products on the market right now.

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