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Default Need some help convincing parents

So im 16 and going to be a Senior in HS this next year. Last week I got a call from the marine corps, we talked for a while on the phone and I went in to their office to talk. They had me take a test on the computer, I forget the name of it and i scored a 75, which i guess is really good as they were all giving me high fives and saying that was one of the best they had in that office (Elk Grove).

After that my recruiter had me take a bunch of tags with things like self reliance, courage, education, and other things and to place them in order of importance. After i did that the recruiter said that im pretty much what the corps needs.

We talked alot about the education benefits and the different MOS's. However when i got home from the appointment my mom was pretty pissed, and my grandma even more mad, even though I said that I would get all the college I want, and a technical non combatant MOS (Firefighting) they still hear Marine and think jumping out of airplanes and shooting people.

Any ideas on what I can tell them to ease in the idea? Im not going to let them prevent me from doing what I want, but i dont want them to hate me for it.
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