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Originally Posted by DR296 View Post

Been looking at getting a hunting rifle. I decided I want a 30/30 Lever Action. I know there are a lot of different opinions regarding Lever Actions as hunters Vs this and that but thats what I want.

I just learned today the Model 94 is now made in Japan. So dissappointed. Guess I will look seriously at the Marlin 336.

I currently own an 80s model 94 but it is a commemorative rifle and never fired. I have it listed for sale but with this new info I probably should take it off the market for awhile
I have a fair number of Japanese made Winchesters and "Marlin made" Marlins. The Japanese made Winchesters are excellent rifles and have been so for many years. I'm picking up a "made in Japan" Browning "Winchester" 52 and it's one of the nicest 22s out there.

If you aren't buying a Winchester based on quality I'd say that concern is misplaced. Not buying a Japanese Winchester based on quality but instead picking up a newly made Marlin is like turning down a date with Halle Berry asserting she's ugly - then going out with Roseanne ...

If you're not buying to make a political statement that's a different call.

BTW, having handled lots of the new "Remlin" lever action rifles coming out of Ilion, NY I'd suggest buying an older 336. Lousy wood finish, sub-standard bluing, buggered screw heads and overall poor fitting is what I see on these new rifles. I wouldn't buy a new Marlin at half the price.

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