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Originally Posted by Chrisc411 View Post
Another involving Peņa v Cid say it comes out that "the safe handgun list" is unconstitutional and we are allowed to own and posses any handgun we wish. There would be a problem with this involving large capacity magazines, seeing as how some pistols have a standard 10+ magazine. Mostly with these case its gonna just be a domino effect a win here is gonna affect the next case after it and so on and so on.
Magazine capacity and the roster are two totally different issues. The issue you list above exists, now - many pistols on the roster, today, come with more than ten round magazines outside of California, and they just ship ten round magazines with the ones they ship here.

So, it would be possible to kill the roster and still not have high capacity magazines, or have high capacity magazines and still have the roster. Obviously, we want to kill the roster and have high-capacity magazines, but they're separate issues.
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