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Originally Posted by gd-bh View Post
Thank you...very logical plan, I just hope it doesn't give the anti's any sort of advantage in building their defensive strategy.
I tried very hard not to actually say anything new in there, it's all just in one place for a change. One of my big worries in putting it together was leaking some information that would give an advantage to the other side, and I got Gene to review it with an eye towards that.

I think in general that this was our basic strategy ("break it into pieces and win each piece decisively") has been pretty obvious to people with a lot of legal experience for a while. But I was afraid to people who don't spend a lot of time in court, our decisions to go after "this law versus that law" would seem arbitrary, and was hoping I could use this to get across the idea that there actually is a plan, even if we can't tell you every single detail, yet.

Thanks for the kind words from everyone, it was my pleasure to put it together.
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