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Different solvents for different jobs

MPro7 works remarkably well to remove carbon fouling and is odor-free. because it is water based, it should do the trick to clean up after shooting corrosive ammo. But it doesn't do anything for copper or lead fouling, and it is supposed to stain certain wood finishes an orange color.

Bore foam is likewise water based, and odorless, and will remove copper fouling, but doesn't clean out the soot as well as MPro7 IME. You can use both indoors and not end up with that shrieking sound coursing through the house. But the foam nwill strip certain wood finishes, shellac is damaged *instantly* (mosins) and oil-based finished are damaged too, but less quickly (and they are easy to fix).

When I have heavy copper deposits, Sweets removes it the old-fashioned way, with lots of ammonia. as a result you WILL have clear sinuses and that shrieking sound will drive you outdoors pronto.

for general light-duty cleaning, I am fond of Shooter's Choice. also, when I am done cleaning a bore with the above products, being a traditionalist, I will always end up with a few patches of SC down the bore. It will leave a rust inhibiting film, and it always seems to pick up a little something.

when all done, I clean my jags, brushes, tips, and rods with soapy water and/or carb cleaner, depending on what I used on them.

some really swear by butch's, other still like Hoppe's, etc. be advised Rem Bore Cleaner is mildly abrasive (as is JB Bore Paste), it is supposed to work quickly and not harm the bore, but some are adverse to any abrasives in a bore.

Ed's Red is economical, but I'm not sure what the big deal is, and you have to make so much at once. Instead of SC, some in the benchreast community swear by GM Top Engine Cleaner and say that it is similar, but I doubt it removes copper.

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