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Originally Posted by roll2li View Post
In your defense, I also have never seen a 200 round nutsack for 7.62, for a SAW yes, but for a M240B/MK43 or 48 that would be heavy as sin.

Looks cool, unfortunately if that carrier isn't quick release you'll need a buddy to pick the twinkies out of your pack.
I know it's ineffective, just looks cool in theory. Plus a gunner shouldn't really be carrying an assaultpack full of ammo. That is what AG/AB is for.

As said earlier, gunners usually have approx 30 rd starter belts they drape over the top of the gun. It's mainly for quick defense, initial suppression on a react to contact is done by the rest of the squad.

I always liked when gunners put the picatinny gangster grip on the side of the gun. This 240 gunner in a nice field of the devils lettuce does it justice.
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