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Originally Posted by Standish View Post
Sorry, I just read mine and realized it could have been interpretted like I was trying to be a jerk. Not sure if that's how you took it. Not sure if you have experience with them, so I'll clarify. 100 rds of 7.62linked I remember weighing just under 8 lbs. So almost 16 lbs of ammo hanging off a 19 lbs MG(plus optics weight) would be cumbersome and awkward. I've seen 30 rd starter nutsacks, and 100rd nutsacks for mk46/m249s, but I would avoid a 200rd nutsack if it is even made.
In your defense, I also have never seen a 200 round nutsack for 7.62, for a SAW yes, but for a M240B/MK43 or 48 that would be heavy as sin.

On a cool side note, check this out.
Looks cool, unfortunately if that carrier isn't quick release you'll need a buddy to pick the twinkies out of your pack.
Originally Posted by Josh3239 View Post
You should be more worried about how to use your guns, not what guns will be "magical".

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