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Default Falcon Ops CQD Training AAR

CQD 1.0 was a great class. 10 students and instructors Voodoo and Hollywood!

I've taken all of their courses before (Pistol 1.0-2.0 & Carbine 1.0-2.0) but this CQD was my very first. The day began with life safety rules and medical brief. This is consistent with every FOG course as they are heavy on the safety on and off the "Range". We spent the first couple hours warming up with live fire drills. The class was a mixer of new students and Alumni. After warm up, it was time to go to the shoot house.

Before we began the CQD training we had to convert our weapon systems to accept the UTM rounds FOG provided. UTM or Ultimate Training Munitions are the coolest things I have ever seen. Besides being non-lethal, we were still able to use or own complete weapons systems with it. The instructors provided the conversion kits and training rounds. The only thing we changed was our bolt carrier group and magazines. FOG, by the way, are the only training outfit I know of using UTMs.

I'm not an expert on the UTMs but I can say they are more accurate than air rifles and paint ball guns. They also recoil the exact same way compared to live rounds. Hearing protection is not required too. The sound of a UTM going off is softer than a 22lr.

The CQD portion was great. There was a shoot house FOG built and multiple scenarios were created throughout the day. The training was very detailed and explained/reasoned very well. I had a great time working with the other students on team drills and the solo portion of the shoot house. A lot fun and learned a lot. This was a great change from the typical "Square" range days and a great opportunity to use what I've already learned in the past. I'm taking two friends with me to their next CQD class in June.

See you on the range!

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