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Originally Posted by santacruzstefan View Post
I called the sheriffs dept once and asked them is a gun loaded with blanks would be considered loaded. He said he would check it out, and call me back. 20 minutes later he did, and said after looking in the PC, and talking to some other deputies, the answer was no, it would not be loaded, since a blank cartridge doesn't fire a projectile. But that doesn't mean you wouldn't get hassled for it.
Hassled, hell, you might get shot.

There was a guy who was killed by the police at a Halloween party a few years back when they responded to a noise complaint. They saw him through a window with a gun in his hand as he was pointing it at another costumed party goer. The police shot him through the window assuming the gun to be real, and the man to be a criminal.

The gun wasn't real, it was a costume piece, realistic, but fake.

Take that to the next level. You are at a party, you don't know it but the cops have been called by someone for some reason. You pull your REAL gun out, and fire off a few "rounds" into the air just as the LEOs enter.

Fast forward.

The EMT's were not able to stop the bleeding from the 19 bullet holes in your torso, you were pronounced DEAD ON ARRIVAL by the E.R. Doctor.

You make the news, and your family mourns.

Happy Halloween.

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