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Originally Posted by kayaker View Post
I'd be willing to bet that most trade union members ( Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Ironworker etc. ) are more likely to be pro gun than not. I think putting them all in the liberal/communist basket is a big mistake. The union may encourage them to vote for a pro-union Democrat but I'm sure that many of the members vote the way they want.

I'm in the fitters union. I've had an NRA sticker on my hardhat for almost a year now and have had several people see it and start conversations with me about guns. From talking to guys on jobsites, I believe that most union members aren't loyal to their union (there are a few that are though). They don't vote pro-union and disregard the political propaganda that the unions spew out. They see unions as a means to an end, which ultimately is taking care of their family.
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