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Originally Posted by NOTABIKER View Post
the unions are now the largest doaners to politicians. more than corporations. and it is a one way street for the happy DEMS. if you belong to a union you are part of the problem weather you mean to or not.
I agree. I am a union member (CSEA) and it disgusts me to see where my dues are going. Hundreds of thousands of dollars contributed by CSEA to only Democratic candidates in the past 4 election cycles. Candidates like Yee, DeLeon, Steinberg, etc.

Unfortunately, I don't have many choices.

I can continue being a dues-paying member.

I can opt-out of union membership, but due to CSEA's contract with my employer, an amount equivalent to my dues will be deducted from my pay and be forwarded to a charitable organization to be determined by CSEA. Not much difference there.

Or I could walk away from my job. I have seriously considered that option because I lose sleep over this on a regular basis. But it really isn't an option until my home is paid off. A few more years.

Even more concerning is the number of union employees where I work who are gun owners and don't know or don't care where their contributions are going. Some of them have even been named among the CSEA "Classified Employee of the Year" over the past 4 or 5 years. Oh, the irony.
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