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Originally Posted by anthonyca View Post
Everyone loves to point out the fact of how the unions run California. There are only 2,489,000 union members in this state of 38,041,430. There are 7,988,700 gun owners in this state. All of you gun owners who won't join a gun rights organization need to think critically about those numbers.
You`re wrong about your assumptions on numbers....imagine those 2,489,000 workers paying constant high union dues and the democrats taking it to fund their political agendas...that`s a lot of money....that`s the main source of funding for the democrat machine in California. Why do you think the democrats were so up in arms in regards to Prop. 32 which would make it illegal to use union money for political agendas. Don`t let the small numbers fool you. Prop. 32 failed to pass by the way. If this ballot ever comes back up to better make sure to vote yes on it.

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