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Default great updates

Thanks for the updates.

While it appearrs to be a slow process to get our gun rights back, it took a long time to actually lose them.

Perhaps when we have resources avail we should have a "sticky" with the history of Cal Gun laws with both the propagana and the real reasons the laws were passed.

Not looking for a book, rather short overviews.

History repeats itself because people fail to learn from the mistakes of the past.

We may also want to consider posting history of arms control laws as stickys from other countries.

Something like this would help new visitors get perspective. I have noticed that in the last year we have increased from 10K active members to over 16K.

This means we are getting many new people and such stickys would allow those people to get up to speed quickly.

While many people on the board are highly educated, many of us on the board are not.
It is important where possible to keep things understandible for average folks.

And I consider myself just "average".

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